A bag of runes contains twenty-five smooth flat stones, each marked with a different character. The feel of the stones and the look of the symbols is immensely satisfying, like looking at Stonehenge. Each rune has a different meaning, some of which change when they are reversed.

How To Work With Runes
You can buy runes, or make your own, by inscribing the characters on pieces of polished wood, stone, bone, semi-precious stones, anything that you fancy, but they must all be approximately the same size and weight. The runes are kept in a drawstring bag.

You can use the runes as you would the tarot deck, or to help you cope with day to day problems, but I suggest not using them too frequently. Certainly do turn to runes in times of emotional or spiritual crisis. They can be astonishingly accurate and helpful.

When I was in the delivery ward awaiting the birth of my son, I held a rune stone for comfort. The smooth surface has remarkably soothing qualities. It was only after my son’s birth that I looked to see what character I had drawn. It was Laguz, meaning flow, or water. He was born just as the sun entered Aquarius. The other meaning of this rune is fertility, very appropriate under the circumstances.

If you want to use a particular rune as a charm, try having the symbol inscribed on a pendant or bracelet. I have the rune for success on my computer – it can’t hurt!

There are many methods of casting the runes but the most usual method is to draw three and read them backwards, like Chinese writing. Thus, if the runes are placed side by side, they are read from right to left. If they are placed vertically, they are read from bottom to top.

To cast a three rune spread, plunge your hand into the bag and draw out three runes, one at a time. Choose the rune that seems to choose you, when it `sticks’ to your fingers. Place them side by side, or vertically, and read the last rune first. This represents the past, the middle rune is the present, and the last rune is the future.

A single rune can be drawn at any time and carried as a talisman, or consulted to help with a decision.

My favorite method of casting is the Druid’s Circle. Draw a circle in the earth, or on a sheet of paper, and take a handful of runes from the bag. Don’t count them. Cast them into the circle, and read only those that fall within the circle.

Read anti-clockwise from the bottom of the circle, remembering that the last rune is always the first. The closer a rune is to the center of the circle, the sooner the event will occur.
At first you will need to consult your book of meanings every time you cast the runes, but as you and the runes become accustomed to each other, you will notice that certain events and people in your life will match some of the runes, and that your interpretations become more personal, and consequently, more accurate.

With runes, it is always wise to trust your intuition.