In this class we will be discussing what is an empath and how the aura is influenced throughout the day. You will learn simple techniques to regain control of your energy by Cleansing, Shielding, and Charging Up.

Course Curriculum

Hi, I’m Teseraph

I am a certified High Priest and Reiki Master Teacher. It's my mission to bring healing and empowerment to people wherever I go. I am honored to begin offering these classes online and this class is designed to be of use for everyone to find empowerment, and hopefully some personal healing as well.

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Breath work

Your breath influences your whole body, especially your heart. In this class, you will learn effective breathing patterns for everyday use.

Crystals for Empaths
Crystals for Empaths

We will cover metaphysical tools like crystals and plant medicine to help with your specific needs.

Reprogram your mind
Re-Program Your Mind

Many of us have a negative voice that tries to hold us back. no matter how deeply embedded these thoughts are, we can create new neural connections with a daily practice to retrain the brain.