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Eclectic Witchcraft Mentorship Circle & Support Group

Group Witchcraft Coaching

Monthly Zoom Meeting Group Twice Per Month 

Each Month we will meet twice for a structured discussion, guided meditations, printable documents & support Q & A 

* Exploring the craft throughout cultures & traditions

* Magick (spells)

* Divinatory practice

* Healing arts

* Spirit Work

* Circle Casting 

* Protection

* The Witches Pyramid 

* Hermetic Laws

* Finding Your Personal Connection 

* Foundations of Witchcraft 

* Building & Releasing Energy 

* Chanting 

* Ritual Mindset

* Living Magickly 

* Theory & Practice

* Tools Of the Trade 

* Spirituality Vs Practice 

* Art & Science of Witchcraft 

* Altered States

* Spirit Guides 

* Foundations of Spell Work 

* Magickal Mindsets 

* Meditation 

* Correspondences 

* Working With Spirits 

* Elemental Energies

* Eclectic Discussion 

* Ask questions, share knowledge and share your witchcraft related experiences & knowledge with the group  

You will receive monthly exercises and journaling assignments to help you get in touch with yourself, your magick and your path! Discussion topics for the month 

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The Wisdom Of Witchcraft

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Explore your craft with group coaching and mentorship.